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Bring this powerful information into your home, providing tools for children (and parents) to be self empowered. Lay a solid emotional foundation on which anxiety and worry cannot thrive and confidence and empowerment flourish. 

Yourstory-Book1Children’s book

A fun story about Eric who learns how he is using his imagination to make him sad and how it can be used to make him feel happy and confident. Children love reading Eric’s story and can relate it to their own life.

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Three webinars packed with information that can help you create a solid emotional foundation where anxiety and worry cannot thrive. This is all the information I wish I was told growing up and best of all it is simple.


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Brody loved the book and so did I. He talked about the pictures and could relate to the flower and its changes too. We immediately started using it in our life. Just this morning he said “I’m not going to school, ‘X’ won’t want to play my games and whispers behind the tree about me” we talked about Eric and how Brody was also imagining not having a fun time at school with his friends. He changed what he was imagining and this changed how he felt. We have been using Eric’s story everyday (today on the car ride home from school) I can see his face change and he forgets the bad thoughts and we have great discussions. We have read the book twice and the second time his understanding grew more. We love love the book and can’t wait for more. And what great value for money!

Liz Pateman


I did your steps for starting school with Jed and he absolutely breezed through the first few weeks. We talked about what he would like his first day to be like, he imagined what he would do and how he would feel. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these tools. Jed uses them unprompted and seems really in tune with visualising what he wants to achieve.

Emilia Curcuruto

…I read the book yesterday afternoon to my kids…I spent and hour on it talking about most pages and their feelings…It worked really well, we had lots of great conversations about feelings and changing their thoughts. The book is perfectly written for the kids at my school.