A book series created to empower children!

Follow Eric on his journey as he learns about his imagination and inner thoughts, finding out how they affect his relationships with himself and others as well as the experiences he has.

Eric will guide your child into doing the same.

Cindy decided to start this series (which at the moment consists of book one) to help children learn what she wished someone had taught her growing up.  As Cindy came across information to help her overcame her anxiety in her early 20’s, she constantly thought “Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?” “Why is this not taught in schools?”. When she realised there was no satisfactory answer to these questions she decided to start teaching what she knew to children and anyone else with anxiety of any level.

Tegan (Cindy’s daughter) also used these tools and techniques to overcome anxious tendencies at a very young age and also helps children through art.  It seemed a natural progression for both Cindy and Tegan to write and illustrate these books.

Book One available now is ERIC AND HIS IMAGINATION and follows Eric while he is nervous about going back to school.  Eric and his Mum come up with cool ways for Eric to use his imagination to make all his experiences ones he would want to have. Your child will learn how to use their imagination to overcome obstacles and build a solid emotional foundation they can take with them as they grow and develop.

Kite Transparent

Cindy Russell

It is my goal and passion to help you and your children EXPAND, EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE the full magnificence of who you really are.

One question I have found myself asking frequently as I travel through my life learning more and more is, “Why didn’t I learn this as a child?’ There have been so many times I have asked myself this question.

I asked it when I found out we all have a voice inside our head, talking to us all the time.  I asked it when I was shown the power of changing what I am saying to myself and how this can change the way I feel as well as my experiences.  I asked it when I saw the power of my children using their imagination to change their experiences, and I have asked it a lot as I have learned more about nutrition, health and wellbeing (but that is a different website :D).

The answer I have come up with is that I didn’t learn this information as a child because the adults around me were not equipped with it either.  It has been my mission to get this information out in the world to children, parents and schools. I love working with children, seeing the strength, self esteem and confidence they achieve when connected to their own inner power.

I have four beautiful children who have each taught me so much. I have brought them up knowing what I wish I had known. They are all so different and they all have the solid emotional foundation that all kids deserve. I always dreamt of working with my children and was not sure what that would look like. I also always knew I wanted to write a book, again not knowing what it would look like.  Now, I have colaborated with my daughter, Tegan and we have created the Yourstory Series. These books are designed to give children the knowledge they need to lay a solid emotional foundation in their lives. Once they have this foundation, everything else EVERYTHING ELSE, will fall into place.

I am also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and moving back to basics when it comes to exercising, eating, sleeping and interacting with our world. I love spending time with my children, husband and pets. Family time is important to me.

To work with Cindy one on one or find out about her other products go to her website by clicking here.



Tegan Georgette

As a child I had a WILD imagination, which was both a blessing and a curse.

Instead of loosing my imagination like a lot of children do as they grow into adults, mine grew more vivid.

Children are born with a creative power and an imagination, I am a strong believer in nurturing this in children. Rather then getting less creative as they grow up children can learn to use their imagination to help themselves.

The cartoon characters I designed in this book are simple and accessible. Lots of children stop drawing because they believe it needs to be realistic to be worthwhile. By showing children that a childlike style of illustration can exist in a book, they can feel more comfortable to express themselves using their own visual language. Drawing and creativity is a fantastic way to process emotions and express feelings that sometimes can’t be expressed in words. It can be highly meditative and relaxing.

To find out more about what Tegan has to offer you can check out her website by clicking here.

Tegan Georgette

Be Unreal

Imagine a world where children confidently believe in themselves, have the tools to face any challenge and make the best decisions for them. Imagine our children offering the best version of themselves to themselves, their school and the world.

Cindy Russell and Tegan Georgette ran the first Be Unreal program in a local Primary School that wanted to improve the students resilience as well as addressing bullying in a new way. The students loved the program and the concepts and language used in the program was heard being used in the playground long after the program ended. One teacher from Primbee Public school said;

The sessions with Cindy were very helpful and the students enjoyed them very much. I have since heard students using some of the strategies Cindy taught them to use, and I have had a number of positive comments from students and parents….Cindy was able to create an environment in which students felt comfortable and willing to talk about the issues surrounding feelings of stress and anxiety….I really believe that Cindy was able to help the students to think in a more positive way, about things that would normally cause them stress and anxiety.”

After seeing the success of Be Unreal Tegan and Cindy decided to take it further to get these concepts to even more children.  Be Unreal is now available as an online course that schools can purchase and run in the classroom with video presentation using cartoon characters from the book, a teachers guide to go with the presentation and activities that can be carried out in the classroom. There is an audio/visual version of Book One in the Yourstory series – ERIC AND HIS IMAGINATION which the students love.

Be Unreal covers many of the Outcomes and Indicators outlined in the Board of Studies New South Wales Syllabus for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 and Creative Arts K-6.

Be Unreal is also now available for parents to access in the home. This is completely online and you can enjoy watching the video presentation and book with your child, as well as use activities set out in the activity guide. These activities are designed to be implemented while you go about your life and you do not need to set aside specific time to complete them.

Your Imagination And The Stories It Tells

Giving Back

We are currently doing background research on ways we can give to children in need.  Stay tuned for how we plan to do that soon.

Why Choose Us

  • Help children build the emotional foundation they need to be happy.
  • Create an environment for self empowerment.
  • Fun cartoons and characters used to learn and have fun.
  • Prevent anxiety and depression rather then managing it later.
  • Making life easier for parents, teachers and students.

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